Rajasthani Weddings: The Auspicious Clothing Highlight

The Rajasthani men’s and women’s attire at weddings is breathtaking in terms of colors, customs, and even jewellery. No matter how beautiful these dresses are – they are extremely heavy and repeated rarely. It is better to rent a dress than to purchase these attires as their use is less but they are also very expensive. But before you do that there are some specifics you need to know about Rajasthani traditional attire whether you are buying or renting it.

India offers the chance to experience a wide range of civilizations, which is simply amazing. The Rajasthani costumes and items worn by both men and women have something quite startlingly seductive about them, don’t you reckon? Every region has its own charm to display and brag about. The Rajasthani men’s and women’s attire during weddings generally appears to be immersed in a profusion of vibrant and cheerful colours that give them a particular allure.

Let’s take a detailed look at the traditional outfit of Rajasthan for gents and ladies that one can wear for weddings in order to appreciate the exquisiteness of Rajasthani culture. Even if it is your wedding – you can prefer a bridal lehenga on rent or a sherwani on rent in Rajasthani style with the help of our guide.


Traditional Rajasthani Dress For Females

Probably noticed that Rajasthani ladies enjoy donning the brightest clothing possible. The history of textiles, where dying clothing was a crucial step in the process, is what gives these outfits their assertive use of color. Each of the colors used in these costumes has many important as well as intricate significance in a particular place, time, and area. They communicate traditions, attitudes, festive events, religious ideals, and seasons. Different colors are associated with ceremonies and rituals; they are all emblems of certain cultures. Additionally, clothing colors have biological, psychological, and aesthetic meanings.

In light of the foregoing, ladies in Rajasthan typically don a Ghagra and a Choli.  Some ladies also favor covering their skirts with kurtis. Even crop top dresses for weddings are quite trending. The woman’s whole face is covered throughout the wedding rites with a bright Dupatta, which completes the look of the entire outfit.


Tips To Wear

  1. If you Consider choosing a ghagra in crimson tones if you intend to wear the traditional Rajasthani garment to weddings. Ghagras are available with embellished designs all over them. Choose a lehenga or ghagra with gold Zari work if richness is what you’re after. You may also choose to wear one embellished with stones.
  2. The dupatta, with one end wrapped over the head and the other end, typically tucked within the Ghagra is a must for all ethnic Rajasthani wear.  Depending on the occasion and status, the dupattas are worn. It usually weighs a lot and is transparent. Every Rajasthani bride is required by tradition to wear it with her Ghagra. A dupatta may raise a bride’s appearance on many levels if it is enhanced with some sort of work or embellishments.


Traditional Rajasthani Dress For Males

Rajasthani men’s fashion sense is not far behind that of women. They resemble women in terms of color and beauty. They generally wear a dhoti or a Pyjama, pagadi, Angarkha, and Kamarbandh as part of their attire. Jodhpuri suits for men are also popular Rajasthani clothing among males.

Tips To Wear

  1. One of the most significant Rajasthani traditional garments that all men wear is the pagadi. It is frequently intricately created for weddings. Put on a Pagri that goes with your bridal attire. Make it as vibrant as you can. Pick a Pagri with embellished designs for an enhanced look. For instance, when you take a jodhpuri on rent or any other suit on rent – you can match your page accordingly.


2. Men typically dress in white dhotis or pajamas. It’s a crucial item of clothing for the lower body. Choose a Dhoti with beautiful borders made of Zari to give it a regal appearance for a significant event like a wedding.


3. Angrakha is frequently used to safeguard the body and is an essential component of Rajasthani traditional attire. Put on a fashionable angarkha. These kinds have mirror work and bandhani. On your Angarkha, go for geometric circular motifs and Gota work in bright hues.


Go ahead and astound everyone if you wish to wear a Rajasthani traditional attire to your wedding. As said, renting out is the best option – and for that, there is no better place than doing it from Popin Designers. They have all sorts of clothing for males and females. So, hurry and don some great Rajasthani wear – you are sure to stir some heads after that!




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