Halal Shawarma vs. Non Halal Shawarma: Understanding the Difference

Halal Shawarma vs. Non Halal Shawarma: Understanding the Difference

Shawarma is a Middle Eastern meat dish that is well-known around the world. Shawarma has become so popular in North America, in fact, that it’s now considered to be fast food. The word “shawarma” comes from Arabic and means “turning” or “spinning,” which describes how this delicious dish is prepared. This tasty meal can be found nearly everywhere, but many people aren’t aware of the difference between shawarma halal and non-halal shawarma. This article will explain what it means for a food item to be labeled halal or not, why it matters for your health and safety (and those around you), and how you can determine if a particular vendor sells only certified halal meats without having to ask them directly!

The Difference Between Halal and Non Halal Meat

The difference between halal and non-halal meat is the way the animal was slaughtered. Halal meat is killed according to Islamic dietary laws, which require that the animal be healthy and uninjured at the time of slaughtering; it must be killed by cutting its throat with a sharp blade from behind, letting all blood drain out before removing its head; and making sure that no organ or blood remains in its body cavity after slaughtering.

Non-halal (or haram) is an Arabic word meaning “forbidden” or “unlawful”, referring specifically to food items that Muslims are not allowed to eat because they were not prepared according to Islamic law. This includes animals such as pigs (pork), birds of prey (birds like vultures), reptiles like snakes/lizards/turtles etc., carnivorous mammals such as cats & dogs etc..

Labeling Shawarma As Halal or Not

It is important to note that not all shawarma is labeled as halal. If you are looking for something that is 100% halal, you will need to ask your vendor if it is or not.

There are many different types of shawarma, but it is important to know the difference between the two.

There Are Many Different Ways to Make Shawarma, Each With Its Own Unique Flavor

Shawarma halal is a type of meat that’s cooked on a vertical spit. It can be made with chicken, lamb, or beef and served in wraps or on plates with pita bread. Some people prefer their shawarma to be topped with sauces like tahini sauce or hummus; others prefer theirs plain and simple.

There are many different ways to make the best shawarma each with its own unique flavor and it all depends on how you want it prepared!

Halal Food Refers to Food That is Permissible for Muslims to Eat Under Islamic Dietary Laws

Halal food refers to food that is permissible for Muslims to eat under Islamic dietary laws. Halal food is made with no pork, blood, alcohol or any other animal products.

Shawarma Halal Vendors Are Careful to Use Only Certified Halal Meat

Halal shawarma vendors are careful to use only certified halal meat. This means that the animal must be slaughtered in the correct way, and it must be from a halal animal. The meat cannot come from animals that were not slaughtered in this way, nor can it come from animals forbidden to eat (such as pigs).

What Makes a Food Item Non Halal?

Halal foods are those that are prepared according to Islamic law, which is derived from the Quran and hadith (the sayings of Muhammad). Halal food must be:

  • slaughtered in a way that ensures the animal is not stressed or frightened at any point during its life or death. This can be achieved through electric stunning before slaughtering, or through traditional methods such as hand slitting of throats while saying “Bismillah” (“in God’s name”).
  • slaughtered by a Muslim who has been trained by another Muslim in how this should be done correctly.
  • prepared according to Islamic law–for example, meat cannot come from animals that were not slaughtered according to Islamic law (such as kosher), nor can it contain alcohol or pork products like gelatinous cubes made from pigskin used in some non-halal shawarma recipes.


If you are looking to try some best shawarma halal, then this article will help you find the right place. It is important that you know what makes a food item non-halal before you go out and eat in order to avoid any problems with your stomach or health in general.



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