How to Give a Hoodie and Get a Hoodie

Ahegao Hoodie

Customers may “switch” any pre-owned hoodie for a new Champion sweatshirt at selected Champion outlets for free on Saturday as part of Champion’s National Hoodie Swap Day promotion.

John Shumate, Vice President of Global Marketing at Champion, stated in a news release that How to Give a Hoodie and Get a Hoodie

“The Champion Hoodie Exchange honors our supporters by allowing everyone to swap in any used pretender hoodie for a free Champion hoodie.” Ahegao irl

It’s how we honor the Champion’s status as a style authority. How to Give a Hoodie and Get a Hoodie

Where to go

Citadel is located at 100 Citadel Drive, Suite 125, Commerce, CA 90040 Citadel, 123 S. La Brea Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90036

How to participate

Go to one of the two Champion locations specified, grab an old sweatshirt from your wardrobe, and enter. From 11:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m.,

or while supplies last, will be the event’s operating hours. Please remember that there is a limit of one swap per client. How to Give a Hoodie and Get a Hoodie

In order to encourage others to follow suit, Saweetie, Champion’s first-ever Global Cultural Consultant,

will be the first to trade in a used hoodie in her native Los Angeles at the Champion Heritage Shop.

From my first Champion sweatshirt, which I fell in love with for its comfort, style, and fit, in high school,

Saweetie has been a fan. “As a hoodie collector, there is nothing that compares to the quality of a Reverse Weave hoodie.

I’m thrilled to participate in the company’s hoodie swap and give the country a classic piece of clothing.

When I first learned about the pitiful amount of money being given to entrepreneurs who don’t fit the stereotype of the typical founder—a white, male, well-educated founder—I’ve been banging this drum and yelling this out.

Hoodie Style

Backstage Capital(Opens in a new tab), the investment company I founded, was created particularly to support creators who were overlooked by venture investors. I make investments in LGBTQ+ individuals, people of colour, and female founders.

This isn’t a charity. It is a for-profit investment fund with the goal of making me and other investors extremely wealthy. In addition to the fact that I firmly think that brilliant ideas may originate from any sector of society, another reason I founded Backstage Capital was to lay out a path that others might follow. I wanted to show that it was possible and that there were many amazing, creative, intelligent, and underappreciated entrepreneurs who were fighting for a chance to work.



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