Know ways to wear chocker artificial jewellery in 2023

Know ways to wear chocker artificial jewellery in 2023

Artificial jewellery is getting popular with the chokers trend. Every woman should have chokers artificial necklace in her wardrobe. These are timeless classic pieces that may add just the right amount of flare to any outfit.

Upgrade your look with a choker artificial jewellery: tips 

  • Pick a choker necklace that complements your outfit: From plain and delicate chains to striking kundan, stonework, oxidized, and south indian jewellery styles, choker necklaces are available in a variety of designs and materials. When selecting a choker necklace, take into account the neckline of your attire.
  • Combine layers of jewellery: Layering with different jewellery is an additional option to improve and experiment with your choker necklace style. For a special and customized style, stack many choker necklaces or wear a choker ethnic necklace with a long multilayer necklace.
  • Try out several looks: Choker necklaces come in a range of looks, from conventional and classic to contemporary and edgy.
  • Matching & Mix: Choker necklaces can be worn with a range of different outfits because they are adaptable. To create diva styles, mix and match your choker necklace with other items of clothing including sarees, shirts, suits, and lehengas.
  • Experiment with the placement: Experiment around with where you wear a choker necklace. You can wear one high on the collarbone or low on the neck. Experiment around with the choker necklace’s positioning to find the best fit for your body type and the neckline of your clothing, whether it has a boat neck, v-shape, round neck, or square neck design.
  • Think about the occasion: Choker necklaces can be worn for several occasions, from casual trips to formal parties. Take the occasion into consideration. To make sure a choker necklace is appropriate, take into account the setting and dress code.
  • Make a statement: Choker artificial jewellery is a fantastic way to stand out and make a statement. Make a stylish statement by wearing big, clunky styles or ones with interesting features. For a refined appearance, choose delicate and understated designs in time-honored materials like kundan, polki, gold, or silver.

Famous Choker ethnic jewellery set

  • Kundan bridal choker set

The wire is used to set uncut, polished stones to create kundan choker sets. They give any ensemble a sense of royalty. The kundan style is adaptable. Using a basic row of Kundan stones will keep it simple, or you can go heavy with a multi-layered bridal kundan jewellery set.

By changing the color of the beads dangling from the set, kundan wedding jewellery chokers from Swarajshop can be made to order. You can dazzle people by matching your choker to your attire in this way.

  • Pearl kundan set

Chokers made of pearls are even more regarded as classic and ageless. At Swarajshop, beautiful pearl chokers are made using a variety of pearl sizes. To accentuate their attractiveness, they frequently have enamel work or Kundan. The versatility of pearl chokers makes them suitable for both Indian and Western attire.

You may get several pearl chokers from Swarajshop in a range of colors. You can coordinate your pearl chokers’ artificial jewellery with your clothing in this way.

Use an Indian choker artificial jewellery with your Ethenic desi attire.

Desi clothing looks gorgeous on its own, so much so that you might not think it needs any artificial jewellery. But, jewelry is what elevates your overall outfit and finishes your appearance. Weddings and other events wouldn’t be complete without a little imitation jewellery set display.

While the Kundan choker ethnic necklace set goes well with every Indian attire, pearl choker sets have a more classic look. To up the sparkle and glamour of a choker set, a pearl, and Kundan combination is great.

At Swarajshop, you can also get choker sets with a silver finish. Choker sets with a silver finish give your outfits a touch of tribal drama.

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Use an Indian choker artificial jewellery with your western clothing

Indian jewellery can be difficult to wear with western clothing, but it is not impossible. The key is to keep it elegant and straightforward. Choker sets are not necessary to overdo for western attire. In western attire, simple silver or pearl chokers look great.

You can get stunning choker sets at Swarajshop that are perfect for weddings, or you can keep it simple and choose an exquisite piece. At Swarajshop we can satisfy any of your needs.



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