7 Useful Gifts For Cyclists To Improve Their Cycling Experience


Those who love cycling consider their cycles to be one of their prized possessions. They take care of it and love to beautify and update it. Therefore, if you want to give someone who enjoys cycling a gift, you can give them cycling accessories as this can enhance their cycling and riding experience. 

Cycle Accessories You Can Give To Cycling Lovers

There is a range of cycle accessories available in the market. You can choose according to the needs of your recipient. Mentioned below are some of the things every cyclist would appreciate receiving: 


Saddle Bag 

Saddlebags prove to be very useful on a cycling trip. Cyclists can put their keys, wallets, tools, etc., in it instead of carrying them in their pockets. However, some people find saddlebags difficult to carry when they make a stop. If that is the case, you can opt for an under-seat saddle bag which is easy to slide in and off and can be easily carried. 

One of the most important rules of cycling is to stay hydrated. Cyclists like to carry water, energy drinks, or electrolytes on their trips. Fixing bottle holders on the cycle can not only make it easy but also keeps the bottle within hand’s reach. But during a long trip or sunny days, the water in the bottle can become hot. Therefore, it is better to go for insulated water bottles that keep liquids colder for longer. Also, make sure you opt for sipper bottles to make it easier for cyclists to drink without unscrewing the bottle during a ride.                                                         


While some people cycle only for the experience, others may use it as a workout and to travel to unexplored trails. In any case, if you want to keep track of the progress or the miles you have travelled, you can use a cyclo-computer. They show the distance, speed, and time covered. Some cyclo-computers are GPS enabled and have features such as heart rate, cadence, etc. which can be synced with your mobile. They have a small screen and are generally fixed to the cycle’s handlebar. You can also opt for wristbands with the same features. 


Carrying a toolkit is always a good idea when riding on a long trip. In case a sudden problem arises with the cycle during a ride, a toolkit will act as an instant solution for the cyclist. Having a toolkit helps greatly in fixing a flat or a broken chain. In case you are planning to choose a toolkit, opt for a multitool that comes with a Swiss knife and many other functions.

Smartphone Holder

When cyclists are on an unknown trail, they need to check maps regularly for the right directions. Stopping frequently and taking out the phone to check Google Maps can ruin the experience. A smartphone holder fixed on the handlebar of the cycle comes as an easy solution. Therefore, you can give your recipient a personalised smartphone holder. 


If your recipient likes to go out for rides during the night or early morning, you can give them a high-lumen front light. It helps them clearly see potholes, speed breakers and obstacles and avoid accidents. Additionally, you can also give them a rear, red-blinking light that will alert fast-moving vehicles from a distance. It shows your recipient how much you care for them. 

Go for rechargeable lights with external batteries, as they can come in useful on long rides where one may not have access to charging points. Also, ensure the lights are lightweight enough to attach to the handlebar. 

Grit, Gravel and Gear

Grit, Gravel and Gear is a book that tells the story of a solo ride taken by the author. It talks about the courage, adventure and discovery of the author who travelled 15,000 kilometres across ten countries on his mountain bike, which goes by the name ‘Quest’. Any cycling enthusiast would love this book. Therefore, it forms a great gift for those who love the idea of exploring the world on a cycle. 


Anyone who loves cycling would appreciate receiving the gifts mentioned above as they would come useful during their rides or enhance their cycling experience. Know whether your recipient owns a Sprint cycle or any other type and accordingly plan the desirable gift for them. 



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