What are Gully Suckers and How Do They Work?

Gully Suckers

Gully suckers, also known as vacuum tankers, are specialized vehicles designed to remove liquid waste and debris from gullies, drains, and other types of drainage systems. They are commonly used by municipalities, commercial businesses, and construction sites to prevent blockages and maintain proper drainage.

Gully suckers work by using a powerful vacuum pump to suction up liquid waste and debris from the drainage system. The waste is then transported to a designated disposal site for proper treatment or disposal.

Benefits of Using Gully Suckers

Using gully suckers can provide a number of benefits, including:

  1. Preventing Blockages: Regular cleaning of gullies and drainage systems helps prevent blockages that can cause flooding and other types of damage.
  2. Improved Drainage: By removing debris and other obstructions, gully suckers can improve the flow of water through the drainage system, reducing the risk of flooding and other problems.
  3. Cost Savings: Regular maintenance of drainage systems using gully suckers can help avoid costly repairs and potential fines for non-compliance.

Choosing the Right Gully Sucker for Your Needs

When choosing a gully sucker for your business or municipality, there are several factors to consider. These include:

  1. Tank Capacity: The tank capacity will depend on the amount of liquid waste your business generates and the frequency of cleaning required.
  2. Pumping Power: The pumping power of the gully sucker will determine how quickly and efficiently it can remove liquid waste and debris from the drainage system.
  3. Access and Maneuverability: Consider the size and maneuverability of the gully sucker to ensure it can access and clean all areas of the drainage system.

Proper Maintenance and Disposal of Liquid Waste

To ensure the gully sucker continues to function properly and to comply with environmental regulations, it’s important to follow proper maintenance and disposal procedures. This includes:

  1. Regular Maintenance: Gully suckers require regular maintenance, including cleaning, inspection, and repair of any damaged components.
  2. Disposal of Liquid Waste: Liquid waste should be disposed of at designated treatment or disposal sites, in accordance with local regulations.


In conclusion, gully suckers are an essential tool for maintaining proper drainage and preventing blockages in drainage systems. When choosing a gully sucker, consider factors such as tank capacity, pumping power, and access and maneuverability. Proper maintenance and disposal procedures are also important to ensure the gully sucker continues to function properly and to comply with environmental regulations.



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