Fourth price change in two months for Tesla in the United States


Tesla (TSLA.O) has adjusted prices for one variant of each of its Model 3 sedan and Model Y crossover vehicles, marking the company’s fourth price modification since the year’s beginning. For More Tech News at

According to Tesla’s website, the price of the Model Y performance crossover has increased by $1,000 to $58,990. According to the website, it reduced the cost of the Model 3 sedan with rear-wheel drive by $500 to $42,990.

Federal tax credits of $7,500 are available for both automobiles.

In January, Tesla implemented significant price reductions throughout its entire product lineup and in all of its key markets.

Since then, the business has been regularly updating its prices online, which is unique for the sector since “sticker prices” on the window of an inventory car still serve as the industry standard.

The performance version of the Model Y. Which has a greater top speed and a lower suspension after the most recent revisions is still roughly 16% less expensive for American customers than it was in early January.

The Model 3 with rear-wheel drive is around 9% less expensive.

The costs for the other two Model 3 and Model Y iterations that are currently on sale in the US remained constant on Tuesday.

After the government increased the cap on the price of crossover electric vehicles qualifying for the income tax credit. Tesla increased the price of its Model Y Long Range earlier this month in the U.S. market.

Elon Musk, the company’s chief executive, stated last month that following the initial wave of price reductions. Vehicle orders were roughly double the company’s output in January.

With the economy heading into what Musk believes will be a recession. The firm had to increase the price of the Model Y for the first time due to strong demand, according to Musk. Going forward, the company will concentrate on pricing to generate demand.

Tesla customers who had purchased the vehicle earlier and had missed the January price reductions protested in China.

Some Tesla owners in the US claimed that the price reductions had also reduced the resale value of their cars.

Tesla lowered its pricing this year after nearly two years of raising them because it was unable to meet demand.



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