Top 5 Paving Contractors

When searching for a parking lot or driveway, it’s essential to hire paving contractors with the necessary skills and experience. This will guarantee the work is done correctly and will last for years to come.

Paving contractors provide a range of services, such as asphalt and concrete paving. Furthermore, they offer various options for design, colors and textures.


Seal-O-Matic, located in Riverside, Missouri, is a paving company. Estimates put its annual revenues at $5.2 million and employ 11 staff members at one location. Its primary services include blacktop work, paving and asphalt applications.

Jerry Jaben and a partner own and operate the business as a family unit, emphasizing hard work, productivity, cost management and succession planning. Furthermore, it places family members in key positions for growth within the organization – with current president Mike Jaben carrying on this tradition alongside his son Miles Jaben.

Seal-O-Matic offers a wide range of products and services in addition to paver paving services. Their product lineup includes seal kits, PTFE seats, backing o-rings, primary o-ring seals and shaft o-rings for Plast-O-Matic ball valves.

The hourly pay rates at Seal-O-Matic vary based on employee skills, education and experience. On average, employees make $73 an hourly rate; however, salaries may differ based on experience or job title. To learn more about average hourly wages for specific jobs within the industry, use our salary calculator below which gives you a comparison with Seal-O-Matic’s rates.

Maul Paving

Maul Paving is more than just a one-man show; they provide all sorts of pavement services from pavers to sealcoating and concrete pours – and everything in between. With six staff members and an impressive fleet of trucks, they have the capacity to take on even the biggest jobs with ease. Furthermore, their attention to detail and excellent customer service will keep you on track and your customers satisfied; plus, Maul Paving promises that they’ll keep you coming back for more!

Russell Johnson Paving

Russell Johnson founded his paving company in 1976 with just pennies in his pocket. With his strong work ethic, small town values, and expertise of the paving industry, he provided customers with honest quality work at a fair price. Today his sons Ritchy & Scott Johnson as well as grandchildren Ryan & Logan run the business alongside him – providing asphalt services for driveways, parking lots, sports courts and other concrete works.

The company has earned a reputation as one of Georgia’s premier providers of paving construction and repair work. It offers services like asphalt, seal coating, crack sealing, and pavement marking. With experienced specialists serving both commercial and residential properties alike, they provide quick response times when requested to pave.

Since its founding, the firm has earned a reputation for quality and dependability, earning memberships with some of the industry’s premier organizations. This has earned it recognition on Pavement Magazine’s annual list of top paving contractors.

This paving contractor has been in operation for two decades and employs over 300 specialists. Their mission is to develop programs that promote safety, productivity, and job satisfaction among their workers.

In addition to paving, the firm offers other services like site development, road widening and soil stabilization. Their commitment to an organized and efficient process has earned them a reputation as dependable partners for commercial projects of any size or complexity.

The company’s experienced team of professionals can take on any project, from road paving to parking lot repairs. It has a dedicated excavation and utility crew which helps guarantee proper project execution.

Its paved roadways are renowned for their superior performance and long service life, due to the firm’s continuous efforts to identify the ideal paving solutions for clients – state agencies and municipalities included.

Furthermore, the company’s dedication to providing its clients with quality and professional work has earned it memberships in multiple associations and organizations, such as the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Furthermore, Inc. 5000, an annual listing of the top 5,000 private companies in America, recognized them for their excellence.

Maverick Paving

Maverick Paving is a family-run business that specializes in masonry and paving services. Their high quality bricks and pavers come in an array of styles and colors to fit your requirements, while they also provide waterproofing, gravel, stucco work and more. Look out for paver repairs adelaide.

Their most notable projects include a Chick-Fil-A restaurant and high-tech office space for Insignia Hospitality Group. Furthermore, they provide various landscaping services like landscape edging, tree trimming, and more.

They are renowned for their superior, professional services and have earned the title of top paving contractor in Plainfield, NJ. With over 15 years of experience under their belt, they guarantee only top-notch work at competitive prices.

Maverick Engineering can handle even the most challenging projects with ease. Their team has expertise in land planning, civil engineering, surveying and more – making them your one-stop source for all engineering needs.

Therefore, they can assist their clients in making informed decisions on what works best for their property. This enables them to offer creative solutions that are both functional and environmentally friendly.

For instance, they utilized a geodesic roof design in the grading and drainage plan for a Chick-Fil-A store in Midland, TX. This provided the client with the time necessary to open their eatery quickly.

One impressive paving project was for Bush’s Chicken in Fort Stockton, TX. This large job required multiple oil wells and required the expertise of several engineers to guarantee all truck routes, flow lines, and drainage patterns met state and city regulations.

Maverick is an expert in land surveying and site development, having completed projects for both public and private sector customers. Their services incorporate the most modern technologies like drones to help customers meet their objectives while maximizing their investment.

They are the premier paving contractors in Plainfield, NJ and can help you maximize your property. Contact them today to discover more about their capabilities and services.

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