11 Ways How BWP Grade Plywood Takes Care of Your Home Every Way Possible

Generally speaking, we don’t have the opportunity to design or renovate our homes very often, so when we do, we should make an informed decision. Both practicality and aesthetics should be combined in our home and the items we place there.

These days, plywood is one material that is a given when it comes to any type of construction or furnishing. Plywood is required for everything from furniture to closets and kitchen cabinets.

Here, we’ll educate you about BWP-grade plywood and how it can take care of your home.

  1. Strength: The material we pick for furnishings needs to be strong in addition to being aesthetically pleasing. We don’t want our furniture to fall apart after a few years. They ought to be strong as well as attractive. Here, the BWP grade is reliable. It is certain to be strong and long-lasting.
  2. Water resistance – We need to use materials that can survive any careless handling, such as spilling any liquid or water. In Particular, we need to decorate our kitchens with moisture- and spill-resistant materials. The excellent water resistance of BWP-grade plywood makes it ideal for use in these conditions.
  3. Certification – establishing if the product was produced using best practices requires quality control procedures. With the IS: 710 specification number, the Bureau of Indian Standards has certified this plywood.
  4. Termite resistance: Plywood of lower quality runs the danger of contracting termite infestation, which gradually weakens and renders the plywood unreliable for usage. These termites pose a risk to the plywood and may increase our costs by necessitating upgrades. However, this grade of plywood uses adhesives and specific chemicals to make sure that termites and borers are kept out.
  5. Various applications: BWP grade plywood, which is waterproof and termite resistant, has a variety of uses. It provides its users with countless opportunities to innovate. You can use this plywood for bed, dining room table, wardrobe, and even kitchen cupboards or drawers. Even if it is exposed to water in the kitchen, you need not fret over it.
  6. Warp-free – Some subpar materials exhibit signs of warping over time. The furniture may lose some of its strength and aesthetic appeal as a result. By using BWP-grade plywood, you can decide to solve this problem. They are remarkably strong to resist warping since they are made using strength and shape retention (SSR).
  7. Cost-effective—by now, you should be aware that this plywood is not your average piece of plywood. To combat issues like warping and termite infestation, it was created. Long-term, it will reduce your spending on regular renovations. Choose the greatest option for your home and go for it.
  8. Any shape may be given to it because it is so simply fashioned or worked with. You can always play with this to give your furniture new shapes.
  9. Outdoor applications—A home is more than simply it’s inside; it also includes any small patio or garden spaces we may have. Additionally, these areas require a few classy pieces of furniture. Owing to its durability and ability to withstand extreme weather conditions, plywood would be perfect for that.
  10. Cheaper than solid wood – When compared to solid wood, this plywood is also more economical. Solid wood requires careful handling, can occasionally be bulky and is difficult to reshape.
  11. Consistent thickness: To increase the strength of this plywood, it is guaranteed that the boards have the same thickness throughout the manufacturing process. Additionally, care is taken to minimize core gaps in the boards for better use and performance.


We shouldn’t sacrifice material quality, strength, or durability in favor of beauty. To furnish the area within the four walls of our lovely home, top-notch materials should be used like Sainik plywood. For homeowners who wish to embellish their homes with the best material on the market, BWP-grade plywood offered by CenturyPly is the greatest option.



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