5 Mistakes You Might Be Making In Your Literature Review And How To Avoid Them

5 Mistakes You Might Be Making

The Need For A Literature Review

Before discussing the need for a literature review, let’s be clear on what a literature review is. How to evaluate and how long should it be? These are some of the queries that students have in their minds. 

The literature review is a synopsis of one’s research topic. It collects all relevant data that has already been published on the desired subject. It provides a better understanding of the views of different publishers and derives common factors from them. Students of the master’s programme commonly conduct this thorough study.  Literature review writing service UK provides focused content for a better understanding of the research. 

Most Common Mistakes In A Literature Review

Often when postgraduate students are assigned their research topics or when they begin conducting research on the subject of their own choice, it has been observed that most are initially clueless. It is so because to conduct research and write a literature review; one needs to study as much as possible. 

Following are some common mistakes students make while writing the literature review, which can negatively impact their grading. Hence, a few students take help from the best literature review writing service to ensure that their literature ranks top. 

Unclarity About The Topic

The first and foremost mistakes students make when writing their literature review is that they are unclear about the topic. One must be clear about the goals. Students must determine their objectives. Students should take as much time as they need before deciding on the research topic. It is better to take time beforehand than write a purposeless literature review.


Not Conducting Methodical Research

The more you study different authors, books, publications and papers, The more information you will gather and the more genuine and accurate your research will be. Therefore, it would not be wrong to say that your thesis depends mainly on the literature review.

It is recommended to conduct vast research before writing a literature review. Another point that must be kept in mind is that the literature should be reusable after years too. Students must be vigilant enough to gather useful data instead of just filling in the pages. 

Incorrect Formation Of The Study

It has been observed that some students might get the relevant data from their research topics for writing literature reviews but fail to put them down correctly. Unfortunately, they have all the information and statistics, but the incorrect structure of their writing results in no results. Therefore, improper generation of data is of no use. No wonder many students take help from the Literature review writing service UK. 

Unclear And Ambiguous Material

It is observed that students writing the literature review pen down all the data they have gathered from any source, be that precise or unclear. Since the literature review must be structured and well-formed, there is a specific length as to how long the literature should be. 

However, the length of the literature review is directly proportional to the topic and nature of the study. It can be a few pages for some subjects and a chapter for others. 

Uncritical Of The Findings

This last and commonly found mistake in the literature reviews is the uncritical approach of the students. Researching and quoting other authors is a necessity of the work, but one must be critical whilst penning down the facts. Not every article that you read is worth stating. Students should have a critical approach while writing literature reviews.



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