How to choose an IndusInd Bank Forex Card?

Most smart travelers choose a travel card when they plan a trip to a foreign land. It has many benefits, such as finding a travel card at a low forex exchange rate and reducing the risk of losing or stealing money in another country. If you are also planning a trip to another country, you should get a travel card before leaving. However, if you are new to travel cards and currency exchange, you should follow these tips to get the best travel card.

  • Choose between general and co-branded travel cards.

It would help if you learned about different types of travel cards before you chose one. You can earn rewards differently with varying cards for travel. Usually, there are two travel cards: a general travel card and a co-branded  card. With a general card, you can earn rewards in travel programs that allow you to use your points in several ways.

With a co-branded card, you can earn rewards with specific travel brands, such as hotels, flights, and more. If you are constantly traveling using the same brand, you should get a co-branded card as it helps your rewards and offers.

  • Look for minimum spending requirements.

When looking for a travel card, you need to look for its minimum spending requirement, as this factor allows you to get the great bonuses the card offers. Most people meet their spending requirements by charging their daily expenses and paying monthly bills using a card. Some cards offer a great welcome bonus with a single purchase.

If you want a card with a minimum spending requirement, you should get an IndusInd Bank card. You can get various bonuses for using your card during your trip to a foreign country.

  • Choose multi-currency card

Besides the minimum spending requirement, you should also look for a  cad with a multi-currency card, as it holds more than one currency. If you are planning to visit multiple countries during your trip, a multi-currency card is all you need. For instance, you can get a multi-currency IndusInd Bank forex card that loads your card with up to 14 different currencies.

  • Identify your travel perks.

You can find travel cards that come with travel perks and protection. Travel perks have many benefits, including free global entry credits, airport lounge membership, travel insurance coverage, auto rental coverage, free checked bags, automatic hotel elite status, and more. You should choose a travel card with suitable travel perks.

  • Calculate your forex charges

Most travel cards have annual fees and foreign transaction fees. You should choose a card with low annual and foreign exchange fees.

IndusInd Bank cards charge an affordable exchange rate and other fees you can easily pay. They also allow you to pay 5% of your bills and pay the remaining within 24 hours.


With these tips, you can apply for a card according to your needs. Get an IndusInd Bank Travel card and pay all your expenses with a swipe in a foreign country. You can get more benefits from this card as you can reload your card online from anywhere, anytime, without any problem.



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