Things to Be Aware of Before You Buy a Double Stroller

Choosing a double stroller is very different from choosing a single stroller because there are two children and their needs to consider, rather than just one. And, of course, those two children are generally an infant and an older brother or sister who still needs a stroller, so they have very specific and unique needs. Parents and other caregivers often start with a list of features they feel they must have, and here are some things to be aware of when purchasing a double stroller.

Features for Parents

Good double stroller reviews often talk about the weight of the stroller and how easy it is to fold. Keep in mind that a double stroller takes up considerably more room in a vehicle than a single stroller does. Parents should think about the room available in the vehicle they normally use, especially smaller cars which tend to have limited trunk space. Ease of folding is even more important for parents using double strollers as there are clearly two children who need to be loaded and unloaded from the stroller. A stroller that easily folds using one hand is the best option because it frees up the other hand for holding one child or bags or any number of other items that parents carry around.

Also of paramount importance is how easy it is to attach and remove the infant car seats. When the baby falls asleep in the car seat in the stroller, the last thing a parent wants is to accidentally jostle the baby awake while transferring him or her out of the stroller. Latches should be easy to operate with as little extra work as possible while still providing a safe ride for the child.

Also of great importance to parents is the under-stroller storage. In single strollers, the storage is generally inaccessible to the child riding in the stroller, but this is usually not the case in double strollers. Usually the child in the back seat has their legs dangling in or over the storage area which can result in the child stepping on or kicking whatever is in the storage area. Placement of the children in the stroller, such as the younger child in back, is an important consideration for whether the under-carriage storage will be easy and safe to use.

Double Strollers

When it comes to features for parents, the Chicco Cortina Together Double Stroller addresses many of their needs. First and foremost, the stroller features an easy fold system that allows the stroller to stand on its own once it has been folded, making putting the stroller away much easier for parents. Many strollers fall over once they are folded and then the parent has to bend over and pick it up to get it put away, but that is not the case with this stroller. In addition, for parents with small storage space, both seats can be removed so that it stores much flatter than other double strollers. In addition, because either child can be in either seat location, older children can ride in front to avoid putting their feet in the storage area.

For the comfort of the children, the car seat attachment is very easy to use and many different brands of car seat can be attached. There are six options for seating choices for the children and both seats fully recline so that a sleeping infant can lie down. The front bar easily moves out of the way for children to easily get into and out of the stroller and both seats feature a sunshade canopy. There are also many other options which can be further investigated by reading double strollers reviews.

The Kolcraft Options Tandem Stroller also features parent-friendly design such as an easy one hand folding system which frees up the parent to hold children or other things with the other hand. The stroller is also 15 percent lighter than similar strollers so it is much easier to get into and out of a vehicle. The stroller also features multiple seating configurations for the children to avoid having feet standing or kicking any items in the under-carriage storage. In addition, the storage also features a zipper close which is still easily accessible when the rear seat is fully reclined.

For the children, the stroller features easy to use car seat attachments as well as fully reclining rear seat that can hold a bassinet attachment for an infant to comfortably sleep. There are also two adjustable and removable sunshades as well as cup holders for both seats.



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