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TherapyNotes, a web-based system for managing behavioral health practices, offers unlimited file storage, powerful notes, unlimited phone and email support, and unlimited file and email backups. The software’s features make it easier for doctors to do their job and reduce administrative burdens that can cause delays.

TherapyNotes, a web-based management system for behavioral health practices, is available

TherapyNotes EHR offers a variety of features that offer a complete management platform for behavioral healthcare practices. It includes scheduling, appointment management, and billing. You can also customize service codes, diagnosis codes, and document names. It also offers cloud-based storage and 24/7 online access.

TherapyNotes can be configured to display specific patients or recurring appointments. You can also set appointment times and days. The system can also be set up to send reminders via email or SMS, which costs a small fee. Clients can also request appointments online.

It allows unlimited file storage

You need a secure system to store and access patient records as a healthcare professional. TherapyNotes offers a comprehensive solution that makes this process easy. Software comes with many layers of security, including SSL encryption between your web browsers and the servers, full database encryption, extended validation certificates, and SSL encryption between your web browsers and the servers. Software also provides regular backups and updates for onsite data. You can also set reminders and assign roles to staff members. A custom calendar can be created for your practice.

TherapyNotes offers unlimited file storage and can be accessed on any device, whether it is a tablet, a computer or a mobile phone. The system is easy to use, and there’s no need for an app. It is easy to switch between pages. The Help Center contains many tutorials and videos to help you get started.

It features a powerful notes system

TherapyNotes EHR, a powerful note system with intuitive user interface, is powerful. It includes a integrated treatment plan and progress notes. You can also use multiple features simultaneously with the flexible workflow. You can customize the notes system to suit your needs, whether you’re a private practitioner or a large organization.

TherapyNotes’ patient notes feature is one of its most valuable features. The notes feature allows you to create powerful forms-based note systems with specialty note templates. This feature allows you to create customized treatment plans, psychological evaluations, or progress notes for each client. You can quickly create notes and organize them using checkboxes and auto-filling fields.

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It provides unlimited telephone and email support

Its mission is to make patient records more manageable and efficient. Since 2010, it has been used by thousands of medical facilities. It has received positive reviews. This software has many strengths, including the flexibility and ease of scheduling. It lacks certain features such as regular updates and customization.

It has a built in calendar that clinicians can see at a glance. This allows them to see who is available and reduces no-shows and cancellations. The program also supports HIPAA-compliant video conference that allows clinicians to conduct video visits. It supports electronic remittance advice.



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