Why Should You Consider Investing in Ceramic Coating for Your Yacht?

There are several things that a yacht goes through during its entire lifetime. This includes getting baked by the sun, rained on, attacked by harsh saltwater, dinged by docking, and latched onto by sea critters and barnacles. All the common factors unfortunately shorten the lifespan of your yacht’s paint job. Taking all these things into consideration, it is essential to protect your yacht by performing regular yacht maintenance and aftercare. Ceramic coating application has proven to be one of the best ways if you want to increase the lifespan of your paint and its glossy finish.

Below are a few of the top reasons that showcase the benefits of applying a ceramic coating to your yacht. These will protect your yacht and increase its lifespan.

  • Helps Maintain a Fresh Look for Long

Every yacht owner would want their beloved vessel to look in the best condition for the longest time. The paint’s topcoat is vulnerable and the marine grade coating is highly resistant to wear, damage, and scratching from just about anything. When you apply ceramic coating to your yacht, both the paint and fiberglass will stay brand new for several years to come. There is no need for you to incur any additional cost for complete paint rejuvenation, polish, and perform fiberglass repair.

  • Safeguards Against Various Elements of the Ocean

A high grade protective ceramic coating will provide the best protection to the hull and underlying materials of the yacht from harsh elements like salt water, marine life, and different weather related things. By getting a protective coating it will act as a barrier.

  • Makes Cleaning the Yacht Easy

Ceramic coatings are highly hydrophobic on a nanomolecular level that makes your yacht easier to clean. The protective coating will fill up the pores of the yacht paint or gel coat and seal it completely. This forms an “anti-stick” surface that is more resistant to stains and contamination. All the harmful contaminants will easily “roll off” the coating only leaving behind little residue. You can remove the stains by using a pH-neutral yacht shampoo.

  • Provides Protection Above and Below the Waterline

The part of the yacht that is below the waterline gets affected by a variety of factors. These include the barnacles that get attached to the hull, saltwater damage, and all the other sources of wear and tear. Ceramic coatings for yachts provide a barrier against oxidation, saltwater, stains, exhaust, chemicals, and more. Marine animals also face difficulty attaching themselves to a yacht with a ceramic coat. When a ceramic coating is applied properly, it’s an amazing investment for your vessel. Protective coatings for yachts can help in saving both time and money and offer a long-lasting and perfect alternative to traditional marine waxing.

  • Increases the Top Speed and Fuel Economy of the Yacht 

When you get a professional ceramic coating applied to the hull bottom of your yacht, it is helpful in reducing the drag. This also increases fuel efficiency and will enable you to manage the fuel required for your yacht. Additionally, the ceramic coating decreases surface tensions that increase the top speed of the yacht at cruising RPMs.

  • Needs Less Maintenance

As a ceramic coating is hydrophobic in nature, it repels water and makes the water roll off the surface. The coating grabs any dirt and grime on its way off and creates a self-cleaning effect. Due to this, keeping the yacht clean becomes easy. You don’t have to use any heavy detergents or harsh chemicals for performing maintenance activities. This will save a lot of your time that you can utilize in something that is more productive.

Choose a Reputed Marine Coating Service Provider 

If you are in need of a high quality marine ceramic coating for yacht & boat then you should only choose a well known service provider. This will enable you to perform paint rejuvenation, oxidation removal, restoration, and overall regular yacht maintenance. As a yacht owner, it is advisable to invest in a ceramic coating plan as the maintenance becomes easy and provides the needed protection to the yacht from the different potential damages from the sea.

Kovalent Coatings is your one-stop choice to get a top-quality marine grade ceramic coating applied on your beloved yacht. When you get the right coating you don’t have to worry about getting it reapplied and spending your hard earned money. In some cases, when the proper care and maintenance are done, the coating extends the paint life by more than 10 years. That is why it is essential that you choose the right service provider especially when there are a plethora of options to choose from. As a ceramic coating is a long term investment, it is crucial that you make the right decision.



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