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What does it mean that swimming is a complete sport? And what are its benefits?

Lifeguard certificate and swimming is considered by doctors to be a complete sport because it is an activity capable of making all the muscles of the body work. To practice it you don’t need to have particular skills and it is a sport suitable for all ages, from small children to the elderly who want to stay active. In addition, the fact of being immersed in water allows even the less trained to be able to gradually try their hand at the discipline without risking injuries or fatigue, thanks to the effect that water has on the body, making it lighter and simplifying movements. For this reason it is a valid activity for any type of physical structure, given that the load on the joints is almost zero. Practiced regularly it is ideal for maintaining good health, doctors usually recommend a minimum of twice a week, preferably three.

The benefits of swimming and Lifeguard

The benefits of swimming in a pool are obvious : it has positive effects on health , fitness and mood . In fact, when it comes to swimming, we are not just talking about calorie consumption, metabolism acceleration and weight loss, because the benefits concern various fields of a person’s daily life. Let’s see together why swimming is worthwhile.

You burn calories and tone your body

When a person starts practicing a sport to lose weight, it is normal that the first thing they ask is how many calories they consume while exercising. The answer depends on several factors, such as the swimmer’s physical structure, distance traveled, speed, style used and training intensity. On average, a swimmer consumes between 400 and 600 kcal in an hour. If you want to know more about swimming styles read this article !
In addition, buoyancy supports the body and takes the load off the back and joints, making it possible to work for longer periods of time.

It is important to remember that the ability to lose weight is closely linked to nutrition . To accelerate weight loss, you should focus on a varied, balanced diet rich in whole grain carbohydrates, vegetable fats and proteins.

It promotes a balanced development of muscles and bones

Thanks to swimming it is possible to transform any body into a: broad shoulders, broad chest, straight back, firm buttocks, sculpted abs, muscular arms and toned legs. In addition to the fact that swimming allows the joints and ligaments to remain flexible and each stroke favors the stretching of the muscles. Furthermore, swimming strengthens the musculoskeletal system , as the doctors of, the first online journal of an important Italian hospital, underline. For these reasons it is recommended by paediatricians for children and teenagers during their physical and motor development .

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The cardiovascular system thanks you

Swimming regularly lowers resting heart rate , lowers blood pressure and increases cardiac output, reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease. Furthermore, it is recommended as an aerobic physical activity to improve metabolism . This activity, in fact, lowers cholesterol levels, helping to regulate glycemic values ​​and reduce blood pressure.

It lowers the exposure to diseases related to aging

Like all sports, swimming also lowers the incidence of chronic-degenerative diseases linked to aging such as osteoarthritis, hypertension, osteoporosis, dementia and many diseases linked to overweight. In addition, swimming keeps the arteries healthy, helping them to expand and contract, as well as reducing the risk of type 2 diabetes, of which obesity and inactivity are among the main risk factors.

Swimming improves mood and relieves stress

After a session in the pool , the brain releases numerous endorphins , substances that give a good mood and give a great sense of satisfaction. In addition, swimming improves self-esteem and helps manage stress better. After a workout in the pool you experience a feeling of relaxation similar to that guaranteed by yoga and for this reason swimming is considered as a meditation exercise: during the swim you are alone with mind and body, guided by the rhythm of the movements and by the noise of the ‘water.

Finally, thanks to swimming it is possible to have positive results on a psycho-social level : by swimming there is an increase in the ability to concentrate and therefore in understanding and learning.

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