BigTime Demo – Check Out the Features of BigTime Software

Bigtime Demo

Having a Bigtime Demo is a great way to check out all the features of a software program. This way, you can make an informed decision about whether it is right for you. There are many features to consider, including Client invoicing, pricing, Gantt charts, and more. These features can help you streamline the processes of your company and help you avoid any potential headaches.

Gantt charts feature

Whether you are working on a product launch, a construction project, or a legal case, Gantt charts can help you visualize project requirements and deadlines. They can also show your team’s work and help you prioritize workload. They can also communicate critical information to your stakeholders.

One of the best parts of BigTime’s Gantt charts is the ability to change views. You can change the x-axis, add columns, remove columns, and more. You can also use Auto-Schedule to automatically move tasks around. You can also add a lag time to tasks that are linked to each other. This can be handy if there is a delay in the project.

Another good feature is the search box. You can use the search box to find content related to your task. You can also archive and delete documents and files.

Expense tracking feature

Expense tracking with BigTime Demo is a fast and efficient way to manage project expenses. The system features intelligent timesheets that reduce the likelihood of mistakes. These timesheets auto-fill and eliminate the need for repetitive data entry.

The system also features a user-friendly interface and a mobile app. This app allows users to submit timesheets on the go. The mobile app works with the desktop version of the software, giving users a full-featured time-tracking experience.

BigTime’s mobile app also features a mail-like expense entry interface. Users can add receipts, and photos of expenses, and categorize expenses. These expense reports can be viewed by both employees and managers. They can also be exported in Word or PDF format.

BigTime also integrates with several accounting software packages. This allows the system to automatically synchronize all data. Users can also create custom invoice formats. The system also offers an automated review workflow, which reduces time-consuming billing errors.

Client invoicing feature

Whether you’re a startup or an established professional services firm, BigTime’s client invoicing feature will help you streamline your billing and collection process. It helps you track time and expenses, and create accurate invoices.

With BigTime’s client invoicing feature, you’ll be able to create custom invoices based on bill rates, bill types, and even custom bill rate ranges. You can also customize the look of your invoices. For example, you can add your company logo, color palette, and address. You can also choose to include tax rates and time entry notes.

In addition to time and expense billing, you’ll be able to create recurring service fees, mark up expenses, and even record equipment usage. The system also features a dashboard that displays real-time project and budget information. This enables you to view the status of a project and see what’s coming up in the next month.

DCAA compliance feature

Using BigTime to get DCAA compliant will ensure that your business will not only be able to get government contracts but also that the government will receive accurate records of all the work that your company performs. You will also find that BigTime’s software is easy to use and will help to simplify the entire process.

In addition to being able to track time and expenses, BigTime also offers project management, billing, and analytics. Its timekeeping features include secure cloud-based access, mobile apps for iOS and Android, and a smart audit trail. BigTime can be integrated with QuickBooks or Sage accounting software.

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BigTime offers the ability to configure your timesheets to meet DCAA requirements. For example, you can set up your timesheet template to include required fields and then assign approval rights for users. You can also customize your audit-log rules.


Using BigTime for your business will help you track time and materials, bill clients, and generate invoices. The software is also useful for managing employee tasks. The most popular BigTime clients are accountants, architects, and engineers.

The software has four different pricing plans to choose from. The first plan starts at $10 per user per month on a yearly billing cycle. The next plan costs $30. The most expensive plan is the BigTime Express, which includes mobile access and auto sync. The biggest drawback to this plan is the required five-user minimum.

BigTime also has a free trial available. There are also free online tutorials to help you get started. If you need further assistance, you can always talk to one of the BigTime customer service reps.




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