20 Topics for PhD Nursing and Midwifery Dissertation

midwifery dissertation

Choosing a dissertation topic can be difficult as it is important for your research career. A topic on midwifery dissertation will provide you insights into the healthcare world and aims to highlight the problems in hospitals and wards. It is noteworthy to understand the value of healthcare in the world. No matter where a nursing student goes in the world, there will always be doors of opportunities open for them.

A dissertation related to the nursing field can be based on primary and secondary research. Primary data involves surveys, interviews, and questionnaires. Secondary research is a collection of research articles, books, and journals. It depends on your interest whether you want to make it qualitative or quantitative research.

To simplify the research path, brainstorm dissertation topics and make them more meaningful. This post will provide you with different topics for a midwifery dissertation that will help you formulate good research. But first, let’s explore more detail about the nursing field.

Nursing – A sacred healthcare profession:

From people’s viewpoint, nursing is a holy profession in which an individual dedicates himself to serving patients and contributing to the healthcare world. Midwifery and medicine come under the umbrella of nursing. The role of midwifery professionals is to assist the team and staff during the delivery of a child.

Nursing is not all about taking care of patients. But it encompasses dealing with various patients: kids, older adults, pregnant women, or newborn children. Moreover, they also assist gynaecologists and healthcare takers in establishing nursing practices standard and treating poor health conditions.

Research is about finding the puzzles in the system and proposing a solution to take care of them. A midwifery dissertation will help you describe the practices and standards related to obstetrics and infants.

Midwifery dissertation topics:

Women face serious complications during childbirth. The situation can be a matter of life and death if proper strategies are not utilised. This is where the midwifery profession comes in. A midwifery dissertation will portray the credibility of the undervalued nursing profession and highlight the challenges and problems the management staff faces. A few examples of midwifery dissertation topics are as follows:

  1. Effective therapy sessions to improve women’s mental health in postnatal depression.
  2. How does the risk of hereditary disease play a role in the development of an infant?
  3. Preventive measures to reduce chances of diabetic conditions in newborns.
  4. Effect of yoga and exercise on pregnant women.
  5. Evaluation of risks and effects of C-section on women.

Paediatric nursing topics:

Paediatric is the subfield of nursing in which the professional takes care of infants and children under 18 years old. The role of a nurse is to diagnose and treat medical illnesses in children. Some of the dissertation topics related to paediatric nursing are as follows:

  1. Challenges of obesity in adolescents – health issue in the young population.
  2. Develop ways of language patterns in autistic children.
  3. Evaluation of practices and standards in taking care of children having heart disease.
  4. The psychological dilemma of family and children with cancer.
  5. Application of stem cells in the treatment of infant diseases.

Geriatric nursing topics:

The word geriatric means older-aged adults. The nurse in this field is responsible for caring for elderly patients. They focus on the patient’s mental and physical health and assess the effect of illness on their body. A dissertation on geriatric nursing will aim to provide healthcare practices and solutions to the problems. Some examples of dissertation topics are:

  1. Monitor changes in health with age – diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of cardiac disease.
  2. Controversies related to vaccination of old-aged people.
  3. Loss of appetite in adults – risk and consequences on health.
  4. Strategies to care take gastrointestinal tract disorder patients.
  5. Introduction of oral hygienic practices in older adults.

Mental health dissertation topics:

Mental problems can occur at any age an individual. It does not matter if a person is young, old, or an infant. This subfield of nursing is more famous for research work. You will find great topics related to mental health that nursing students can research. Some examples of the topic are as follows:

  1. Therapy and healing sessions in the treatment of a bipolar disorder.
  2. Health practices to understand the psyche of schizophrenic patients.
  3. Exploring the connection between vitamin D and impairment of organs.
  4. Postnatal depression – diagnosis, treatment, and prevention.
  5. Reasons for health imbalance during pregnancy.

Tips for choosing good dissertation topics:

A Midwifery dissertation can be complicated and tough. Nursing students undergo thorough research and collect enough data to add to the dissertation. Choosing only a topic will not help you in your research journey. Here are some guidelines you should consider while choosing the topic:

  • Identify the gap to develop a hypothesis for the dissertation.
  • Availability of data and materials.
  • Enough literature to support your claim.
  • A precise methodology to test your experiments.
  • The expected outcome should convey a meaningful contribution to society.
  • Choose a topic of interest that will keep you enthusiastic about delving deeper into research.
  • Your topic should be clear and logical.
  • It should not be too narrow, as you will face difficulty in justifying your arguments.

Doing a dissertation is not an easy job. You need to spend years studying a problem, and going through a challenging writing process will tire you. You can seek nursing dissertation help from colleagues and supervisors. Brainstorm ideas to develop a unique and effective title for your dissertation.


A dissertation is an arduous task to complete. The first step in a research career is deciding the subject’s topic and subfield. Nursing is an interdisciplinary field of medicine and healthcare and offers many specialisation domains. Opting midwifery dissertation aims to reveal the problems and issues of staff and doctors in the hospital. Your dissertation will highlight the profession’s shortcomings and propose innovative solutions. If you underestimate the value of a dissertation, you will never be able to convey meaningful results in society. So, choose the dissertation topic to make your name in the scientific world.



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