Eat a Variety of Chilies for Weight Loss: Chilla Recipes

moong dal chilla for weight loss

We all seek out solutions that are simple to prepare at home, low in calories, and delicious in addition to helping us reach the ideal body weight. If you believe that diet food must always be bland and uninteresting, then you haven’t tried experimenting with your diet food. And for that reason, we’ve provided you with some delectable chilla recipes that are both quick and high in protein. There are numerous varieties of chilla that can be enjoyed throughout your weight loss process, from oats chilla to moong dal chilla for weight loss.

You can serve your chilla with curd or mint chutney to give it a flavour boost.

Chilli Recipes to Aid with Weight Management

1. Besan Chilla to Lose Weight

Today, besan ka chilla is a common dish in Indian homes. There is no better way to start the day than with this nutritious chilla. In addition to being simple, the besan chilla dish is high in protein, which keeps you satisfied and active. The low glycemic index and low calorie content of besan chilla contribute to its ability to reduce body fat.

Besan Cheela contains about 240 calories per serving.

Moong Dal Chilla 2.

In terms of nutrition, the moong dal chilla is the most nutrient-dense food and aids in weight loss due to its extremely low cholesterol content. The high nutrient and antioxidant content of moong dal chilla also aids in healthy digestion and blood pressure regulation. Why lose out on something so tasty when you are aware of the benefits of moong dal chilla for weight loss?

Moong dal chilla for weight loss contains 130 calories in a single chilli.

Three. Rice Chilla

This rice chilla recipe is for you if you’re tired of dull diet food and want to explore other kinds of chilla. Rice chilla created from rice flour is utterly distinctive in both flavour and appearance. Rice chilla is a very nutritious dish thanks to the nutrition of the rice and the flavours of the Indian spices. When this chilla is enjoyed with hot green chutney, the flavour is enhanced.

About 150 calories are included in one cup of rice.

Paneer Chilla, no. 4

Paneer chilla, another another flavorful variety of chilla, tempts with its pancake-like appearance. This delicious chilla is created with mashed paneer, tomato, onion, and Indian spices like coriander and garlic. Because of the well-known health advantages of besan flour, it can also be made using besan. Paneer chilla is elevated by the enhancing flavour of paneer, and for vegetarians, it is comparable to a veg omelette.

Calories in paneer cheela: A paneer cheela has about 200 calories.

5. Oats Cold Drink

Who is unaware of the advantages oats have for their health? Another sort of nutritious food that is high in fibre and low in calories is oatmeal chilli. The oats chilla dish is flavorful, nutty, and easy to make. It’s a delectable morning option because to the batter, which is created from besan and oats. So take use of oats chilla’s weight loss properties.

About 100 calories are contained in one oats cheela.

6. Wheat, Veggie, and Chilla

There is nothing better than a chilla baked from whole wheat flour and stuffed with of healthy green vegetables. This chilla is packed with a variety of green vegetables, including cabbage, beans, onions, capsicum, and more, all of which are loaded with health benefits. The wheat vegetable chilla is a must-have for anyone hoping to lose weight because it aids in treating diabetes and helps maintain body weight.

Wheat vegetable cheela has about 140 calories per serving



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