Box Project Management Software vs Smartsheets Project Management Software: Comparison

box software vs smartsheet software

In this article, we will compare the two project management software tools which are Box Project Management and Smartsheets Project Management.

In our work as project managers, we have seen what makes project management software great and what makes it not so great. We have tried out many different tools over the years, and these are our favorites.

In this comparison guide, we will discuss the critical differences between Box Software and Smartsheet Software. We will also include tips on choosing between the two types of tools.

Box Software Features


Box is a cloud-based project management software that helps teams plan, organize, and deliver their projects. It’s an excellent choice for companies with multiple departments that need to collaborate on projects.


Box offers four levels of project management functionality:


Projects – This is a free plan that provides basic project management capabilities like task management and calendars.


Team – This is the next level up from Projects and provides more robust project management features as well as integrations with other services like Dropbox, Google Drive, and Salesforce.


Enterprise – The Enterprise plan offers additional features such as custom workflows and dashboards, as well as support for larger teams.


Box OneCloud – This is the highest-level tier of Box’s enterprise offering, which has additional features designed specifically for managing large projects with multiple teams working together across multiple locations globally.


Budgeting & Forecasting: Box PM allows you to create budgets and forecasts by assigning costs to tasks, tracking time spent on those tasks, and generating reports for a clearer picture of how much money is being spent on particular projects or tasks. Smartsheets PM does not have this feature.

Smartsheets Software Features

Smartsheets Project Management Software is a web-based project management software that helps teams collaborate on projects from anywhere. It also has native mobile apps for iOS and Android so you can stay on top of your team’s progress from anywhere.


-Manage projects from start to finish. From employee time tracking and expense tracking to scheduling and reporting, Smartsheet has the tools you need to manage every aspect of your business.


-Get organized with task boards. Use task boards to visually track what needs to get done, who’s responsible, and when it’s due. You can also add tasks as they arise, make notes on each task, prioritize them and even assign due dates if needed—whether it’s an internal task or one with a client or vendor.


-Make sure everyone’s on board by sharing your projects with others in your organization. You can even send out notifications when someone adds new tasks or makes changes to existing ones so that everyone stays in the loop at all times.

Box Project Management Software vs Smartsheets Project Management Software: User Reviews and Rating

Are you trying to decide between Box Project Management Software and Smartsheets Project Management? This is a comparison of the two so you can see which is the best fit for your business.

Box Reviews

Here are some user reviews of Box Project Management that have been left online:

“I love the usability and ease of use of this program. It makes it easy to manage projects across multiple departments, without having to worry about missing information.”

“This tool allows us to track our projects from start to finish in an organized manner. We are able to keep our clients up-to-date on what’s going on with their projects, which saves us from having to chase them down for updates. The pricing is reasonable and we don’t have any issues with customer service or support!”

Smartsheets Reviews

Here are some user reviews of Smartsheets Project Management that have been left online: 

“Easy to use, great reporting capabilities! I love being able to see exactly where my time has been spent during the day/week/month (or whatever period)

Box Pricing vs Smartsheets Pricing

Box Software

The subscription plans for Box are pretty affordable, starting at $15 per user per month. If you are a small business or enterprise that needs more than five users, you can get a discount on the pricing. The pricing is based on the number of users you need and how many projects they will work on. The price range goes from $15 per user per month to $20 per user per month. If you want to try out the software first, there is also a free plan. This plan allows you to use all of the features but it doesn’t support any customization or integrations with other applications. This means that if you want to integrate any third-party software with Box Project Management Software, then you will have to pay for one of their paid plans.

Smartsheets Software

Smartsheets charges based on the number of users that need access to the software. The price range goes from $15 per user per month for individual customers up to $100 dollars per user per month for enterprise customers. You do not need to pay any setup fees or recurring fees if you choose one of their paid plans instead of free

Box Software vs Smartsheets Software: The Verdict

So, which project management software is better? The answer to this question will depend on the needs of your business. If you’re looking for a more robust solution that can handle your team’s needs and provide a higher level of security, then Box Project Management is probably going to be the better choice. If you need something that’s easier to use and less time-consuming, then Smartsheets Project Management Software may be right for you.


It all comes down to what exactly you need from your project management software. If you want something that’s secure, easy to use, and flexible, then Box Project Management may be the way to go. However, if you’re looking for something with more features or a simpler interface, then Smartsheets may be better suited for your needs.

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