Centricity EMR vs Athena EMR: The Ultimate Guide for Physicians

Centricity EMR

An EMR is an electronic medical record that a physician uses to manage clinic administrative tasks. It can be difficult to choose the right solution for your practice. There are so many choices. Athena Health and Centricity are both reliable solutions with excellent practice management features. This article will explain the main features of Athena and Centricity so you can choose the right software for your clinic.

Centricity EHR software offers many options for healthcare professionals, which can make their work easier. The Centricity EMR software is useful for many hospitals and clinics around the globe. The software has many features that help healthcare professionals streamline their work processes. Some of the most important features include e-prescribing and patient record management, claims processing, invoicing, patient registrations, financial dashboard, clinical reporting, personal templates, dictation, and patient registration.

Athena’s electronic medical record software (EMR) is a leader in on-premise and cloud-based IT solutions for healthcare systems and medical groups. It is dedicated to creating an ecosystem that provides top-quality, accessible, and sustainable healthcare facilities. This is achieved through the EMR, care coordination and revenue cycle products.

Centricity EMR

These are some of the Centricity EMR features you can use for practice management:

Key Features

Electronic Prescription

This technology allows doctors to refill prescriptions to pharmacies based on patient’s history and medications. It also checks for drug-to drug or drug-to allergy interactions. This technology allows for the tracking of medications and reduces the risk of medication errors.

Appointment Scheduling

You can manage specific equipment and exam rooms, schedule appointments and find people in danger. Scheduling can be automated almost entirely with the help of patient reminders. This allows for maximum use of exam rooms, equipment, and lower no-show rates.

Clinical Documentation

A medical practice’s operation is dependent on accurate medical records and other paperwork. To make it easier to fill out forms and charts, the documentation function was created. The speech recognition tool allows you to convert your notes into text.

Centricity EMR Pricing

Centricity installation, maintenance, support, and maintenance costs should all be paid in one lump sum. The vendor doesn’t disclose pricing details, as is the case with many other EMRs. Contact Centricity to get a personalized quote.

Centricity EMR Demo

Arrange a Centricity EHR demo before you make a purchase. It is important because it will affect your decision. While the demo is being run, you can look through different Centricity EHR features. This real-time access will allow you to evaluate the program and determine if it is right for your practice.

Centricity EMR Reviews

Centricity software has received positive reviews. It is easy to use and does the job. It also has great controls.

Athena EHR Key Features

Here are some features provided by Athenahealth EHR.

Key Features

Use mass communication to send campaign materials and notifications to patients. Patients can communicate with their doctors using mobile devices. They can also examine test results and request prescription refills. Patients can choose to receive automated appointments, billing, and follow up care reminders and notifications.

Lab Integration

Athena EMR reviews have given the lab integration tool high marks. This feature allows you to diagnose patients faster and is a favorite. This tool allows you to quickly request test results from patients, link labs with your program, and receive the results. This feature allows you to diagnose your patients faster and more effectively by delivering any required test results quicker.

Medical Billing

It automates billing and payments by notifying patients about impending payments and sending invoices. Automatically checking for code problems before submission results in faster reimbursement and better acceptance rates.

Athena EHR Pricing

Athenahealth EHR offers a variety of pricing plans depending on your specific needs. EHR pricing is often based on the cost per physician per day, which is invoiced annually. Administrative accounts are also an option. Athenahealth guarantees that there won’t be any additional charges if you choose their software.

Athenahealth Demo

Athenahealth’s demo allows you to see the various aspects of the software. Demos are an important part of making the final decision. Athenahealth demos will walk you through all the functions and features. You can also ask any questions about the software.

Athena EMR Reviews

Athena EMR reviews have shown that it is simple to use. The technical staff of the emergency services are highly skilled in fixing problems. It can also be used to tailor physician workflows.

Final Remarks

Centricity aims to provide personalized healthcare that is tailored to each patient’s needs to improve patient outcomes and quality. It is used by many ambulatory clinics to increase their income and improve their daily operations. It is supported by disciplines such as cardiology, neurology and intensive care for cancer.

Athena offers powerful functions that make daily tasks easier for caregivers. Customers praised the system for its features and simplicity. They also appreciated the fact that there were no system downtimes. Customers believed that customer service was able to resolve most of their problems. Some customers were disappointed with the claims functionality and felt that it could not make the necessary adjustments.

It is important to consider the needs of your clinic when making a decision between Athena and Centricity. It can be very helpful to see the demos of each software before making a decision on which one to purchase. You can also compare the features of each software with respect to your clinic’s needs. You can also get customized pricing quotes to help you decide between Athenahealth vs Centricity EMR.



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